4 Best Chocolatiers in New Orleans

4 Best Chocolatiers in New Orleans

Even if you’re not a fan of chocolate, these local favorites will likely have the perfect sweet treat for your tastebuds on National Chocolate Day. -All American Healthcare New Orleans

Find the perfect place for a sweet treat on National Chocolate Day. Pick from some of New Orleans favorite chocolatiers to find the just right fix for your sweet tooth.

Blue Frog Chocolates

Celebrate National Chocolate Day at Blue Frog Chocolates, a family owned and operated shop that opened in the summer of 2000. They have been recognized six times as the “Best Candy Shop” in Gambit Weekly’s annual “Best of New Orleans” Survey. Their wide collection of domestic and international confections consist of chocolate flowers from Italy, New Orleans themed treats, and several more delicious, handmade goodies. The shop has even seen some celebrity visitors like Ellen and Justin Bieber.


This new sweet shop opened its doors April 1, 2015. Located in the French Quarters, Sucré serves a variety of treats that include chocolates, gelato, pastries and macarons. Stop by soon to try part of the Spirited Voodoo Macaron Collection! Want dinner before dessert? The Salon by Sucré restaurant is located  conveniently upstairs. 

Southern Candymakers

Southern Candymakers is also conveniently located in the French Quarters and family owned. Many might say this shop is the best of both worlds combining great taste with great service. Reviewers rave about the shop’s pralines and fudge; not to mention the local favorites like hand decorated frogs and alligators. You may be walking out the door with a to-go box!

Bittersweet Confections

Founded in 2002 by a local chocolatier and Louisiana native, Bittersweet Confections offers an exceptional collection of chocolates make with local ingredients. Find sweet treats named after recognizable city jargon like Canal Street of the French Quarter. Indulge in some chocolatey truffles or enjoy some chocolate covered strawberries. The choice is up to you!

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