How to Reuse Fourth of July Leftovers by All American Healthcare

4 Ways to Reuse Fourth of July Grilled Leftovers

The Fourth of July weekend has come to a close, which means the holiday is over and everyone is heading back to work. Even though the parties have ended, your refrigerator is probably packed with grilled leftovers just waiting to be reused. The month of July is National Grilling Month, so it is a perfect time to repurpose your grilled leftovers into different meals this week. We’ve come up with a four ideas to liven up your leftovers into new creations.

1. Burgers

After eating plenty of American favorites, it’s time to switch things up with a taco. You can take your leftover hamburgers, crumble them up, add taco seasoning and you have the start to a delicious taco filling. Get some taco shells and toppings to complete this dinner or lunch option.

2. Hot Dogs or Bratwursts

Have you ever had a hot dog for breakfast? Leftover hot dogs or bratwursts can be a perfect ingredient to add to an omelette. Chop up the hot dogs or bratwursts into small pieces and mix with your favorite omelette additives. Both of these leftovers will act as a great protein to add to your standard omelette.

3. Chicken

Grilled chicken is a crowd favorite that can be reused in so many ways. By shredding the meat, it can quickly turn into enough chicken salad for lunches the whole week. Take the shredded chicken and add your preferred ingredients like fruits, celery and mayonnaise to complete the salad.

4. Barbecue Pork

Barbecue pork is typically the main course of a meal or cookout, but it can also be reused as a pizza topping. Whether you make homemade pizza, or just want to cook a frozen pepperoni pizza sitting in your freezer, you can throw some of your leftover barbecue pork on top to liven up your average pizza night.

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Musculoskeletal Disorders

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