5 Tips to Reduce Back to School Stress

Summer is almost over and It’s back to school for Louisiana.  Did you know that back to school anxiety issues can be very common in children and teens? There are an estimated 18 million children and teens who suffer from anxiety. Because the start of a new school year can trigger or worsen anxiety in


#PainFreeNation: Veterans Affairs

According to VA officials, more than 600,000 veterans use opioid painkillers, and experts say they often contribute to job loss, family strife, homelessness and suicide, as well as weight gain, diabetes and heart disease.  Here at All American Healthcare, we have joined the #PainFreeNation movement to bring attention to the public health crisis caused by pain.  


The Best Resolution You Can Make for 2016

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be stressful or even life-changing. Usually, when we are brainstorming the perfect resolution for the year ahead, we think of what will make us better. This might include saving money, losing weight, or cutting something out of your life. This year, let’s think out of the box and take


Your Brain on Drugs

January 25-31, 2016 is National Drug and Alcohol Facts week and is a great opportunity for adults to learn how to talk to their kids about drugs and for teens to learn the true dangers and risks that come with drugs. The best way to prevent teens from using or experimenting with drugs is to

women stretching

4 Ways You Could Be Harming Your Joints

From spending far too much time bent over looking at a screen to ingesting inflammatory foods and drinks, there are myriads ways you’re attacking your own body day in and day out, including ways you could be harming your joints. Luckily, human bodies are remarkably resilient, and the vast majority of minor harmful actions you


#PainFreeNation: Chiropractic Care for Athletes

Did you know that a chiropractor is part of the NFL’s game day staff? We can provide back/spinal adjustments for players and treat muscular injuries. Learn more about how chiropractic care can help athletes this October as part of National Chiropractic Health Month. -All American Healthcare New Orleans   Up Your Game: Sports Chiropractic Enhances Care As


10 Ways to do Good on Good Friday

Recent surveys on volunteering in the U.S.A. found that 52% of volunteers do it because they like helping others by doing something useful while another 38% enjoy doing volunteer work because it makes them feel good and positive about themselves. Did you know giving back is also good for your physical health? Many volunteers report

common foot injuries

Put Your Best Foot Forward During Foot Health Awareness Month

April is recognized as Foot Health Awareness Month to draw attention to common foot injuries and tips to keep your feet healthy! Over half of the population has suffered from common foot injuries that have restricted them from walking or exercising. This is because your feet bear a lot of your body’s weight and serve as the

fast metabolism

5 Key Factors Behind a Fast Metabolism

Do you ever wish you had just a little more energy to get you through the day? Particularly in the evening when you need to get the wee ones to after school activities, make dinner, and still finish off that last project of the day. Our days seem longer when our obligations exist around the