Common Workplace Injuries and How a Chiropractor Could Help

Common Workplace Injuries and How a Chiropractor Could Help

Becoming complacent in maintaining safety standards in the workplace can result in serious employee injuries. In the United States, a worker is injured on the job every seven seconds–that’s 4.6 million injured workers every year. But with the right knowledge, you can avoid work-related injuries. Read on to learn more about common workplace injuries and how a chiropractor may be able to help.

Most Common Workplace Injuries

While some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others, all workplaces pose unique hazards, and all workers run the risk of being injured on the job. The most common types of workplace injuries that keep employees away from work include sprains or strains, soreness and general pain, and cuts, lacerations, or punctures. These injuries can occur for a variety of reasons and have differing levels of severity. However, each of these injuries can cause discomfort that may be significant enough for employees to miss workdays. 

The most common events that cause these kinds of injuries include overexertion, contact with objects or equipment, and slips, trips, or falls. Over one-third of workplace injuries occur as a result of lifting or lowering objects that are too heavy or from repetitive motions that cause gradual damage to our bodies. Injuries caused by employees overexerting themselves are common in all workplaces, from factories to offices, though it is possible to reduce the risk of these injuries.

Tips for Avoiding Workplace Injuries

All managers and employees can take steps to reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries. To avoid injuries from overexertion, employees should avoid bending, reaching, or twisting when lifting objects and should take breaks when carrying heavy items. Workers can also limit risky interactions with objects and equipment by storing heavy objects close to the ground and staying aware of any moving equipment around the workspace. 

An easy step towards a safer workplace is to regularly review safety procedures for employees, such as when to wear proper safety equipment and how to rid your work area of hazards or unnecessary debris. Managers can protect their workers by reviewing and enforcing compliance with preventative safety measures. 

Treatment Options for Workplace Injuries

If you develop an illness or injury as a result of your job and your employer has a workers’ compensation program, you should have access to medical services to assist with the recovery process. You will most likely need an initial, independent medical examination to assess your injuries and ensure that they have resulted from your work. After this initial assessment, a medical professional should be able to recommend a course of treatment to help you recover from your injury and return to work. Studies show that patients injured on the job experience better outcomes when they understand their diagnosis, the expected time until improvement, and their long-term prognosis.

While each workplace injury is unique, for many patients affected by back pain or soreness, chiropractic treatment is more cost-effective and can get employees back to work more quickly than pharmaceutical treatments. While many medical professionals are becoming increasingly wary of prescribing opioids for pain due to the risk of addiction, these medicines are still frequently prescribed to treat workplace injuries. However, studies suggest that early detection of musculoskeletal injuries and alternative treatments like chiropractic care can limit more severe on-the-job injuries and cost less than pharmaceutical remedies.

The dedicated medical staff at All American Healthcare is here for you if you are suffering from a workplace injury. We have experience with workers’ compensation and will make sure you get the customized care you need to get back to work. Whether you experience general lower back pain from your time spent at the office or sustained an injury from a fall at your workplace, the experienced professionals at All American Healthcare are ready to work with you. We offer a variety of treatments, including chiropractic care, physical therapy, pain management, and other holistic treatment options. Visit us at All American Healthcare today!

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