How Massage Therapy Can Change Your Life

How Massage Therapy Can Change Your Life

A relaxing massage can do more than just help you unwind on vacation. These treatments are also associated with decreased muscle pain, reduced anxiety, improved sports injuries, and more. Massage therapy can be introduced as an element of integrative medicine and may provide relief for patients when used in conjunction with other comprehensive treatments. Learn more about massage therapy and how you can implement it into your wellness routine today!

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is one of the oldest healing tools, dating back thousands of years in multiple civilizations across the globe. During a massage, a trained therapist will focus on soft-tissue manipulation and will use gentle movements and measured amounts of pressure to relieve discomfort or pain in targeted areas. There are many different kinds of massages, including Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and trigger point massages, that are used to treat many different symptoms. Massages require little to no preparation, so you can get started on your massage therapy treatment whenever you are ready. 

What Does Massage Therapy Treat?

In addition to promoting relaxation, massages also have notable benefits for a variety of physical symptoms. Though results vary, many people have reported decreases in fibromyalgia pain, anxiety, headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, chronic neck pain, and more through continued massage therapy. These treatments may also be helpful for specific injuries sustained through sports, such as muscle strains or soft-tissue injuries. 

Who is a Candidate for Massage Therapy?

Many people benefit from massage therapy, whether they feel relief from pain, easing of anxiety, or improvement for injuries. Additionally, few risks are associated with this holistic treatment. Pregnant women, in particular, may experience noticeable benefits from massage therapy, if approved by a doctor. Massage therapy has been known to help expectant moms relax, reduce edema swelling, limit sciatic pain, and improve oxygenation in the soft tissues and muscles. 

However, some individuals may need to avoid massage therapy due to certain medical conditions. If you are on blood-thinning medication, have a history of blood clots, are recovering from a bone fracture, or have any burns or healing wounds, massage therapy may not be right for you. Be sure to talk with your doctor, especially if you have any of these conditions, before starting massage therapy.

Whether you have a specific injury that you think could improve from massage therapy or you are just interested in boosting your overall wellness, massage therapy is a relaxing and beneficial component of holistic pain management. If you have any serious health conditions, be sure to talk with a medical professional before starting massage therapy or any other new treatment.

At All American Healthcare, your wellness is our priority. If you are suffering from any condition that is negatively affecting your quality of life, come visit us! Our caring and passionate staff will work with you to develop a treatment plan that best meets your needs. We offer a variety of medical and chiropractic services, including massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, trigger point injections, and other pain management treatments. If you are ready to start living without pain, come visit us today!

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Musculoskeletal Disorders

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