Louisiana Guide: How to Honor Veterans This Memorial Day

Louisiana Guide: How to Honor Veterans This Memorial Day

The looming three-day weekend is no doubt in the back of everyone’s mind as we wrap up the end of this work week. The thought of going to bed Sunday night without a workday wake-up call the next morning is reason enough to get a little giddy inside. But, as with all holidays, it’s important to remember the reason for the season, if you will.

Memorial Day is more than just a convenient day for a lake trip or the unofficial mark of the beginning of summer. It’s a day of tribute and recognition, and a time to reconnect with our history to appreciate the reality of our American freedom. So before you head off to your neighborhood cookout or pack the cooler for a day on the boat, take some time to refresh yourself and your family with the true reason for the holiday.

Louisiana Guide: How to Honor Veterans This Memorial Day

Do something that honors the lives of our fallen soldiers and recognizes those who fight day in and day out for our American values. Here are some ways we’ve found that you and your family can honor America’s heroes this weekend.

Find out if there are any opportunities for your children to get involved.

Many organizations host Memorial Day programs to offer the youth an opportunity to participate in honorary ceremonies. Encourage your children to participate in, or at least attend these services, so they have the chance to see their own peers honoring our country.

The 40th Annual Memorial Day service will take place on Monday, May 29th, near our Shreveport location at Hillcrest Memorial Park. The program includes representatives of area veterans as well as junior ROTC’s to lay wreaths honoring local heroes and fallen soldiers.

Spend time with loved ones.

Whether you decide to cookout on the back patio or take everyone camping for the weekend, spend time with your family this holiday to talk about, honor, and educate each other on the importance of honoring our war veterans.

The Land-o-Pines Family Campground, near our Covington location, is hosting a Memorial Weekend event with loads of entertainment for the whole family. Likewise, the Tangipahoa Parish, near our Hammond location, is hosting the Memorial Day Swamp Pop Music Festival at Hidden Oaks Family Campground. Wherever your family spends time together this weekend, be sure to discuss and remember the legacies of our war heroes.

Volunteer in your community to honor the lives of fallen soldiers.

These volunteer opportunities take place year-round, but check out the events calendar in your area to make a difference this Memorial Day.

The Vietnam Veterans of VFW Post 3798 and the National Park Service are holding a ceremony and multiple volunteer projects this weekend at Chalmette National Cemetery, close to our New Orleans location.

Whichever way you choose to honor and remember our veterans this weekend, be sure to facilitate discussion on the importance of the holiday, have fun, and stay safe.

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