Payment Options

  • Insurance

    We accept almost all insurance plans at our clinics. This includes workers compensation, auto accident, personal injury, health insurance, and Medicare. We know that understanding your insurance plan and coverage can be a daunting task; so our staff will both verify your benefits as well as file all claims for you.

  • No Insurance

    If you don’t have insurance or your current insurance plan does not have chiropractic benefits, you can pay for the care you need directly as we accept all major credit cards. Many of our patients pay for their treatments directly, and find that the services at All American Healthcare are very affordable.

  • Family Plans

    At All American Healthcare, one of our founding principles is that we help as many people as possible achieve and maintain health through natural means. As such, we have created customized family plans that include treatment for your entire family regardless of size or healthcare needs.

  • Monthly Budget Plans

    We have several monthly budget plans that allow you to set a fixed dollar expense for each month and receive the services and care that you and your family need. Contact your closest clinic for more details.

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