Research in Stem Cell Therapy for Neck and Knee Pain Signals Long-Term Relief

Research in Stem Cell Therapy for Neck and Knee Pain Signals Long-Term Relief

The neck and the knee are two of the most common locations people experience joint pain as they age. Though physical therapy and other treatments can lessen symptoms in some cases, they rarely result in long-term relief. Stem cell therapy is an effective procedure to relieve and potentially eliminate chronic neck and knee pain. Below is everything you need to know about stem cell therapy and how they can successfully stimulate regeneration in specific parts of the body.  

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are ultra-adaptable cells that can be used for regenerative and healing purposes throughout the body. Through cell division, the stem cells divide into new cells that are equally as strong as the original and adapt to the needed function in a specific region of the body. Since stem cells are initially categorized as unspecialized, research has shown that they can also imitate tissue- or organ-specific cells with unique functions. Once inserted in the place of need, these cells have the ability to continue splitting, replacing or repairing the source of degeneration inside the body.

What are the benefits of using stem cells for neck and knee pain?

Adult stem cells are effective at healing tissues and replenishing damaged and dying cells. However, for regions with minimal blood flow, like the knees, the body’s natural stem cell flow isn’t as effective. Therefore, manually-implanted stem cells can effectively develop into essential cartilage cells, thwart inflammation aggravated by arthritis and release proteins called cytokines to help slow new degeneration of cartilage in the hard-to-reach knee area.

Neck pain typically stems from degeneration in the cervical discs. Therefore, stem cell therapy in this region of the neck can relieve debilitating pain and regenerate the cushioning of the original cartilage.

What are the risks?

As stem cell procedures are noninvasive, there are rarely side effects reported for the stem cell therapy for neck and knee pain. In fact, neck and joint pain left untreated has a much higher chance to result in more serious injury or side effects.

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