What is Diagnostic Assessment?

Diagnostic services are medical tests or series of medical tests used to give the All American Healthcare medical staff a better understanding of your particular condition.

Where are the Medical Tests Performed?

For your convenience, All American Healthcare offers onsite testing, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of your physical medicine condition.

What Tests are Offered?

At All American Healthcare, we offer X-rays to assess injuries or abnormalities in the spine as well as the rest of the body. We use electromyography (EMG) testing to learn if there are any irregularities or dysfunction in the muscles. Allergy and Immune Response Testing (ALCAT) is a blood test used to determine if you are having allergic reactions to a particular food or environmental chemical. Nerve Conduction Velocity Testing (NCV) is used to evaluate nerve damage or destruction, as well as diseases of the nerves and muscles. Adrenal Stress & Hormone Testing is used to evaluate stress and fatigue levels. Vascular Screenings (through ultrasonic technology) is a used to detect narrowing of your carotid arteries, abnormalities in your aorta, and reduced blood flow to the tissues in your legs. Functional and Performance Testing is a series of exams and tests performed by the All American Healthcare staff to assess the level of nerve or muscle impairment that you may be experiencing.

Will Insurance Cover My Tests?

Yes, in most cases diagnostic testing is covered by insurance. The All American Healthcare staff will assist you with all billing questions and insurance issues. We will handle the entire billing process for you so you can focus on feeling better.

Diagnostic Services