Spinal Manipulation for Lower Back Pain

Spinal Manipulation for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is caused by significant injury or strain to the muscles or ligaments in lower region of the body. Affecting about 80% of people at some point in their lifetime, lower back pain is one of the most common health complaints chiropractic centers hear from patients. In some cases, lower back pain can go away on its own, while other times it requires chiropractic treatment. Spinal manipulation is an effective way to provide mild or moderate relief from pain in this specific region of the body. Here is everything you should know about spinal manipulation for lower back pain.

What is spinal manipulation?

Performed by a chiropractor or another trained and licensed health care professional, spinal manipulation is when a controlled force is applied to a joint of the spine to treat minor forms of lower back pain. As the amount of applied force is determined by the form of manipulation, the trained professional can either use their hands or a machine to apply this pressure. The purpose of this treatment is not only to relieve the back of mild or moderate pain but to also advance overall physical functioning, improve nerve activity, and reduce inflammation. When performed correctly, this form of treatment is just as effective as other forms of traditional back pain relief.

What are the benefits of spinal manipulation for lower back pain?

Spinal manipulation can instantly relieve some or all of the pain caused by too much pressure on the lower back. Additionally, some people report that multiple visits to the chiropractor for spinal manipulation treatment can improve flexibility when combined with regular exercise. In some cases of chronic pain, spinal manipulation can prevent or reduce the invasiveness of surgical operations.  

What are the risks of spinal manipulation for lower back pain?

Though spinal manipulation is a viable treatment option for lower back pain and is relatively safe for most people, those contemplating this form of pain relief should still consider its potential side effects. The majority of the side effects associated with spinal manipulation are minor, such as tiredness and temporary soreness. However, if the pain in the lower back region is caused by a herniated disc, spinal manipulation has a small chance of relieving the pressure. Always consult with a health care professional before receiving spinal manipulation treatment to lower potential risk of injury.  

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