Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Degenerative Spinal Conditions

Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Degenerative Spinal Conditions

Chronic back pain that derives from conditions like degenerative disc disease and intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration affects millions of people worldwide. Traditionally, chronic back pain is managed through physical therapy and medication or cured through invasive, high-risk spinal surgery. However, recent results prove stem cell therapy as a non-invasive, outpatient solution to chronic back pain. Read on to discover how stem cell therapy can be used to treat degenerative spinal conditions.

What Causes Back Pain And Who Does It Affect?

Back pain is discomfort derived from a spinal, disc, muscular injury, or various other medical conditions and affects about 70-80% of average Americans at some point in their life. Often, discs die naturally over time, but they can also begin to break down through genetics, obesity, smoking, or injury. The regenerative effects of adult stem cells can ease the pain of spinal degeneration and potentially slow overall degeneration while also improving the healing process.

Why Use Stem Cells?

Stem cells are unprogrammed cells that can regenerate and conform according to the area of the body or system they are placed in. While there are different types of stem cells, adult stem cells taken from the patient’s own body, usually extracted from the hip bone, are then injected into the spine to help heal and rebuild impaired spinal discs.  

What Are The Benefits?

Common treatments for back pain, such as over-the-counter medications and physical therapy, typically only manage the discomfort and reduce inflammation. Stem cell therapy benefits not only naturally enact an anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory response, but also increase functionality and range of motion within the spine and offer a shorter recovery time compared to traditional surgical options.

What Are The Risks?

Stem cell research is not new to the medical community. Though an experimental procedure, little risk is reported in stem cell therapy for chronic back pain. Research is continually expanding to gain further insight into this treatment, but, so far, the results are overarchingly positive.

The Future of Stem Cell Therapy

Clinical trials are expanding worldwide on the use of stem cell therapy for conditions that extend beyond chronic back pain. For example, results have shown significant potential in the use of stem cells as a treatment for far-reaching, debilitating diseases as powerful as cancer and diabetes. Recent trials show promising results to help reverse the incline of these illnesses.

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