Top 10 regifted items

Top 10 Regifted Items for 2015

Although we say “it’s the thought that counts,” many gifts we receive from friends and loved ones are unwanted. To avoid conflict, we pretend like we enjoy the gift and cant’ wait to use it; however, multiple studies and trends show that more than half of people will regift one of the presents they receive this year.

Do you feel guilty about regifting? Honestly, I think we all do! But don’t worry, it’s not necessarily a bad idea. Sometimes, you receive a gift that you likely wont use or do not have an interest in. And now, here’s your chance. Who do you think could use the gift and appreciate its value? This is your perfect opportunity to regift!

Some might say that it’s a bad idea to regift because you don’t want to loose track of who gave you what and be sure not to carry on the path of gift giving full circle! But let’s be honest, even Amazon sellsThe Art of Regifting: Your ABC’s Guide to Regifting, the Do’s And Don’ts, Urban Legends And Folk Lore.

Make it easy on yourself and be honest from the start! When you regift don’t be afraid to say something along the lines of, “I received this as a gift and do not have a personal use for it, but I thought of you and know that you could use it for ____.” This is a great way to selflessly regift, and make the other person feel appreciated.

Now, don’t let me convince you to regift just anything. A lot of regifted items have a good chance of becoming regifted once more. You may call these, “the gifts that keep on giving.” Some of the items below may fall into this category.

Here are the top 10 re-gifted gifts for 2015.

10. Candles

Candles are almost made just for regifting. Not everyone loves a scented candle or find relaxation in its room-filling aroma. Candles are easy to give when you don’t know what to purchase for someone; especially since you can buy them almost everywhere! If you are looking for a thoughtful gift, shy away from the candles.

9. Picture Frames

Yes, we all take photos. Constantly! But today, we post our albums on social media for everyone to see. People do still have picture frames in their homes, but frames in excess are no good. Unless you have a lingering picture that you are eager to put up in your home, picture frames will likely be passed on to the next recipient.

8. Gift Baskets

Again, this can fall into the “I didn’t know what to get you” gift ideas. While it is a nice gesture, it really should not serve as a holiday gift; maybe more as a thank you any other time of the year. And, if you intend to regift it, be sure to do it before the items inside expire.

7. Perfume & Toiletries

Unless the bath soap you are giving is handmade or curated specifically for someone, skip the gift. These items usually serve as a “I wasn’t sure what to get you gift.” Though, some people may use them, they are likely to land in the regift pile.

6. Fruitcake

A holiday staple, mostly for its name. Why do people still give fruitcake as a present?

5. Wine

Why anyone would regift wine or other beverages is beyond me; however, wine makes this list because it is easy for a grab-and-go hostess gift or any other quick item needed without the time spend shopping.

4. Cookbooks

If your idea of fun it experimenting with recipes from around the world, then a cookbook may be just the gift for you! However, if your idea of dinner is stopping by the nearest decent drive through of ordering takeout, your cookbook might be used as a shelf filler.

3. Socks & Jocks

Do you or someone you know suffer from receiving an abundance of socks from your grandparents every year? It can become a bit overwhelming; especially if you don’t particularly like them. Who you regift these items to is up to you…

2. Books & CD’s

A  good book can actually be a hard gift to buy. Unless someone has asked for a specific book of interest, you don’t know what may be the right book for the right time. Plus, everyone has different taste. On the positive side, books are meant to be shared and passed on, so don’t feel ashamed to pass a book on to someone who may actually want to read it!

As for CD’s…do people still use those? Just kidding! Plenty of people still do, but maybe an iTunes gift card is more applicable?

1. Pajamas

While many people love pajamas, they are often given in excess and serve as a common last minute gift. Maybe it’s because the holidays are an ideal time to cuddle up on the couch in your pajamas?

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