ultimate southern Louisiana spring guide

The Ultimate Southern Louisiana Spring Bucket List

Spring is right around the corner and Louisiana has the perfect landscape for some outdoor fun. Whether you’re looking to spend a leisurely afternoon out or looking for adventure, the ultimate southern Louisiana spring bucketlist is the perfect guide for you!

Rent a canoe in a state park
Pass under mysterious canopies, see elegant birdlife and brush past your occasional gator as you paddle and kayak your way around some of Louisiana’s Beautiful State Parks. These quaint adventures will allow you to explore Louisiana as you lose yourself in its beauty.

Go camping in a state park
Enjoy hiking, fishing, biking and more in Louisiana’s State Parks. Most state parks feature waterfront locations, campgrounds, camping cabins, nature trails and picnic areas, perfect for a family weekend getaway.

Ride your bike along one Louisiana’s many trails
Whether you’re looking for a leisure ride or off road trails, Louisiana offers the perfect biking landscape for an afternoon outdoors. If a leisure ride is on your radar, enjoy a 5-mile historic ride through the French Quater, Vieux Carré Since 1718, one of the country’s most important treasures. If you want something longer, try the 15 mile French Quarter Lakefront Loop.

For those looking to bike the distance, Abita Springs has a few trails to offer. Spin through the gentle, rolling hills and pastoral countryside of southeast Louisiana on your 26 mile Louisiana Wine Leg ride, or ride the rural roads of the Tammany Trace on a 38.6-mile adventure through the Fontainbleau State Park Loop.

Find more Louisiana bike trails, click here.

Sail Lake Ponchartrain
Be the captain of your own ship with a “hands on” sailing trip or take private lessons to learn how to sail! If sailing is not your forte, grab a group and spend the day out on the lake on a private sailing cruise. You’re 2.5 hour charter will expose you to abundant wildlife, natural reserves, a vast estuary, and countless picture-perfect sights.

Sailing to the east takes you along the shores of Fontainebleau State Park, with eagle’s nests and beautiful beaches while venturing west brings you alongside Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, the world’s longest bridge over water.

Visit one of Louisiana’s plantations
Louisiana is home to some of the most beautiful and historic plantations in the south. New Orleans Plantation Country offers visitors a unique experience to see amazing architecture, design and landscape while strolling under the shade of ancient, moss-draped oak trees and learning the history behind some of Louisiana’s famous plantations.

Visit Avery Island
Avery Island matches the unique beauty of southern Louisiana with a 170-acre Jungle Garden filled with azaleas, camellias, and bamboo. You will find an abundance of wildlife creates including thousands of snowy egrets nest on the island each spring on specially built, pier-like structures in a pond nicknamed “Bird City.”

You can’t take a trip to Avery Island without watching them make TOBASCO sauce! Take a factory tour followed by a delicious meal in Restaurant 1868.

Take a trip to the Global Wildlife Center
Spend the day with giraffes, zebras, kangaroos and more at the animal reserve on the north shore, the Global Wildlife Center. Take a group tour and meet the animals!

Airboat through the Atchafalaya Basin
If you really want to see the natural beauty and pristine surroundings that make up the Atchafalaya Basin, a swamp tour is the way to go! These unforgettable airboat rides will take you into the depths of the Basin, places not accessible by any other type of boat. Reviews rave about the great experience.

Experience true Cajun Rendez-vous at Liberty Theater
Every Saturday night, join in the fais-do-do for an amazing set of traditional Cajun music. Liberty theater is home of the “Rendez-vous des Cajuns” Cajun Music Radio &TV Show. Enjoy authentic Cajun and Zydeco music in the Grand Old Opry/Louisiana Hayride/Prairie Home Companion format. Cajun French is the language of the show with enough English spoken so that everyone can enjoy this unique and one-of-a-kind experience.

Celebrate world music at Festival International
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