Why Eating Healthy Is Important

Why Healthy Eating is Important

Though trimming off those last few pounds is a definite perk, eating a balanced and nutritious diet results in benefits that reach far beyond physical results. In fact, a diet rich in nutritious foods can also have a positive impact on our emotional and psychological well-being. Read below to learn about how healthy eating improves our bodies physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Physical Benefits

Well-rounded diets can contribute to maintaining a healthy weight and help our bodies remain strong as we age. Specifically, vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D can help prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis, which are both conditions that occur as a result of decreased bone density. There are also molecules in our bodies known as free radicals that can cause disease and damage cells as we age, though foods rich in antioxidants can fight these natural pests and help slow biological aging.

Emotional Benefits

While the physical benefits of eating healthy are numerous, nutrient-rich foods offer a range of emotional benefits as well. Traditional diets, like those found in Mediterranean and Japanese cultures, have been associated with a 25-35% lower risk of depression compared to individuals that eat a more Western diet. Additionally, studies show that a diet comprised of refined carbohydrates, such as cakes, white bread, pastries, and white rice, may cause increased instances of depression and fatigue.

Psychological Benefits

Parents who model healthy eating behaviors and make a point to share a meal with their family seem to pass on beneficial behaviors, which result in children eating more vegetables and fewer sweets. Balanced diets can increase brain function which may make it easier to learn new things, especially in school-age children. Studies also suggest that a diet consisting of vitamins D, C, and E, along with omega-3 fatty acids, may prevent dementia and fight against cognitive decline as we age. 

When it comes to eating healthy, always remember that moderation is key. With numerous physical, emotional, and psychological benefits, a balanced diet can improve nearly every aspect of our lives with just a few simple lifestyle changes.

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